Adolescent Life Coaching 

Jakob came into our lives when our teenage son was experiencing many challenges including risky behaviour and conflict with all around him including us as parents. It is hard to describe the impact that this was having on him and the family, but as a family we were in crisis. Fortunately, when our son sought help, Jakob was there for him. Jakob through a considered and professional approach gained our son’s confidence, was able to build a rapport that helped him open up. Jakob has a incredible ability to develop trust and coach adolescents through challenging times. Through weekly and ongoing sessions with Jakob, our son developed confidence in himself and us, our relationships rebuilt, he accepted responsibility for his behaviour and hope returned. We are grateful for Jakob’s guidance during this time and recommend him highly to coach adolescents through difficult times’
Wendy & Chris – Parents 

Meditation Coaching
‘Jakob’s Mindfulness package was absolutely amazing. I’d already had a bit of experience with meditation, especially visualisation, but I did always find mindfulness more challenging because I kept getting distracted. I have always had an overactive mind and find switching off at the end of the day my biggest struggle. I decided to do the mindfulness package , which involved four, one-on-one sessions with Jakob to focus purely on learning mindfulness skills. He tailored everything to my needs and my level. We covered so many things, from retouching on basic techniques that needed refreshing, to learning completely new tools that I can use in my day to day life to help with stress management and relaxation. He taught me that it’s normal to get distracted and to just observe my thoughts and not get frustrated. He gave me homework and recordings to do between sessions, and at the end of it all I walked away with my own custom recordings of prompted mediations that I can use everyday, based on what I personally need. I got so much out of it and highly recommend Jakob’
Phoebe Shaw – Hairdresser
Meditation Coaching
Ive been suffering with bad anxiety and insomnia for a long time. After speaking with Jakob he quickly put together a personalised meditation for me to play at night and advised me to spend 4 minutes practicing mindfulness each morning before I start my day. He gave me one of his guided meditations to listen too. It has been a week and I am already noticing a difference…I start the day super positive and the anxiety of day to day issues seem to have reduced. I am also getting to sleep better. I am falling asleep before the 20 minute meditation is over . Which is a miracle! I am continuing to explore into mindfulness and appreciate every little breath that the universe has to give. I highly recommend getting in touch with him and booking a coaching session in! 
Alice Hardwick