Adolescent Coaching
‘Jakob came into our lives when our teenage son was experiencing many challenges including risky behaviour and conflict with all around him including us as parents. It is hard to describe the impact that this was having on him and the family, but as a family we were in crisis. Fortunately, when our son sought help, Jakob was there for him. Jakob through a considered and professional approach gained our son’s confidence, was able to build a rapport that helped him open up, challenge assumptions and offer alternatives. Jakob has a incredible ability to develop trust and coach adolescents through challenging times.
Through weekly and ongoing sessions with Jakob, our son developed confidence in himself and us, our relationships rebuilt, he accepted responsibility for his behaviour and hope returned. We are grateful for Jakob’s guidance during this time and recommend him highly to coach adolescents through difficult times’
Wendy & Chris – Parents 
Workplace Workshops
Jakob presented his ‘Mindful Workplace’ workshops for Davenport Campbell in 2015. Theses workshop was insightful and provided our teams with a range of simple tools to lower stress levels and improve concentration. Some of the team had never done any mindfulness before and were hesitant about trying something new. Jakob delivered in these workshops in a gentle manner, explaining the psychological research behind each of the techniques and checked in with everyone individually to ensure they were on track. Thanks again Jakob, your workshop built team connection and helped to open up the dialogue for discussing mental health in our workplace.
Lauren McKay – Wellness Team/ Interior Designer 
Davenport Campbell