Adult Coaching

Adult looking out

Talking it through

Coaching conversations are similar to counselling conversations but are focused on the present and future rather than on the past.

Coaching involves quality goal setting conversations. Support is provided and discussions help goals to be developed that are inspiring, motivating and achievable for you. I gently challenge you to consider alternatives, dive deeper and uncover potential blind spots. A range of questions are explored together, for example:

– What is currently happening and what needs to change?
– What options have you already tried?
– What are your roadblocks to success and how will you overcome these?

You are the expert on you, I provide the best possible questions to elicit a deep process of reflection rather than giving you advice.

Learn to improve concentration, focus and lower procrastination.

How often do you lose focus and start procrastinating? You are doing something that is really important and meaningful to you when the thought ‘I’ll just check my facebook’ ‘ooh I just got a text, better check it’ or ‘my back is sore, maybe I should get up and go for a walk’. At times these feelings and thoughts are helpful, but most of the times they are a trick that we fall for too easily. Some days your mind just wanders, like when your reading a book but thinking about something completely different as you skim over the pages. How many pages go by until you realise you’re not even reading but fantasising, worrying, analysing or daydreaming?

Through frequent practice of a range of mindfulness exercises and meditations you can learn to improve your concentration. Through the practice of these skills you can learn to quickly notice when your mind is trying to distract you from a task. Learning mindfulness skills and practicing them daily you will quickly see a huge shift in how productive you are

Learn coping strategies for anxiety, stress and other unhelpful feelings.

Over many years we have all learned our favoured coping strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress. Most of the time the coping strategies we use involve trying to block out these feelings by doing things like exercise, listening to music, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and avoiding situations that cause these feelings.

How much time and energy have you spent trying to rid of these unwanted feelings, day in day out, trying to wrestle and fight them? These feelings seem to disappear in the short term but how often do they come back again, taking a different shape or form?

Through the use of ACT, a mindfulness based therapy, I can support you to take a look at your current coping strategies to see if they are truly serving you. If they are not a range of new coping strategies can be learned and practiced that are proven to be very helpful in ensuring these feelings have far less control over your life.

Make negative thoughts and unhelpful stories have less impact over your life.

Recent studies show that the average human mind has over 50,000 thoughts a day. So how many of these thoughts are helpful and how many are unhelpful? Studies have shown than at least half of these thoughts are unhelpful that the more we push them away or block them out, the more they return with extra power and velocity.

How much impact do these negative thoughts have on your life?, have they developed into stories that play through your mind day in day out? One of most common stories is the  ‘I’m not good enough’ story. Nearly all of us have some derivative of this story whether it’s the ‘Im not a good enough mother, plumber, provider, lover etc. Other stories could be ‘I’m a failure, I’m a fraud, I’m broken, I’m unlovable and so on and so on. Our mind is a masterful storyteller, it conjures up all sorts of unhelpful things that stop us from being our being our best possible selves, friends, lovers, employees and humans.

Through the use of ACT, I can support you learn a range of techniques to that make these thoughts and stories have far less impact over your life. This involves a range of activities that re-wire the brain to understand that these thoughts as merely language floating around your mind that cannot harm you.

Once you are aware of this and you notice quickly when you get captured by your thoughts and stories you can chose to stay grounded, defuse or unhook from these thought’s and make a choice of your behavior based on what is truly important to you.

 Career Coaching

It’s estimated that Gen Y’s will have about 10 career changes in their lifetime. With rapidly growing and changing markets and industries there is more opportunities than ever before for you to find a career that you truly love. From a young age we are often asked ‘what do you want be when you grow up? This can be a very confronting and confusing question when we are still trying to figure out who we are. As we move through life we are constantly growing, learning and changing as so does the question of ‘what do we want to be’.

This question becomes even more confusing with pressure from family, friends and mentors telling us to follow a specific line of work, study, and find a successful career path. As life continues we continue to grow and change as individuals, we learn from our mistakes and gather skills and information from different experiences along the way.

Career coaching sees a career as on a continuum, moving towards the career or area that fits in with your skills, strengths, values, interests and worldview. Career coaching will support you to undertake a range of questionnaires and activities to gather important information. Other important  Information will also gather from conversations about your past careers you wants, needs, skills etc. This information is used to put together a plan to work towards your ultimate career, and map out the necessary steps.

Coaching can be applied to a wide range of issues and areas some examples include:

– Relationships

– Time management and prioritisation

– Health and wellness

– Planning for life changes

– Making behavioural changes

If you would like to find out more or book a coaching session click here


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